What’s next for the Community Reinvestment Act? Should race be included?


Following our discussion panelist Cal Bradford shared a draft article he prepared: The CRA Prohibits Race Discrimination. Download it here.

This lunch and learn continues a series for community leaders and lenders, policy experts and others on the topic of redlining, beginning earlier this year with the (somewhat provocatively titled) Bank / Community Benefits Agreements – Game Changer or Consolation Prize?

This time around, our expert panel discussed the pros and cons of including race in the Community Reinvestment Act, CRA, responding to each others’ points.  

About the panelists

  • Warren W. Traiger, Senior Counsel at Buckley has played a leading role in formulating the banking industry’s position on CRA modernization, coordinating and preparing the responses of leading national trade associations and several banks to the proposed federal inter-agency rulemaking. More
  • Calvin Bradford is an independent researcher and consultant who worked on the original CRA proposals and legislation. He is a board member of Woodstock Institute.
  • Horacio Mendez is President & CEO of Woodstock Institute and brings experience as a former banker and policymaker as well as advocate to his role.