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This might be contacting an elected official via phone, email, or social media; submitting a comment letter; or something else. This network is not the same as our general mailing list. We contact advocates only on an as-needed basis and only when your action could directly impact the outcome in a positive way. 

Community Reinvestment Act

By requiring financial institutions to serve communities equitably, the federal CRA and Illinois CRA drive greater investment in lower income communities.

Predatory Lending

The Predatory Loan Prevention Act puts a 36% interest rate cap on personal loans in Illinois, protecting consumers from falling into a debt trap.

Protecting Small Businesses

Woodstock Institute works to ensure all communities have access to the financial services they need to build a strong, local business sector.

Mortgage Access Initiative

The Mortgage Access Initiative is an effort to make homeownership more accessible and affordable for people of color.

Woodstock Institute Comment Letters

We write and submit comment letters to let government agencies know how their policy proposals affect economic security for low-income people and communities of color.

Comment Letters – Woodstock Partners

When our partner organizations write comment letters to take a stance on or respond to a policy proposal, we sign on to support their position.

Expert Testimony

Woodstock staff provide expert testimony on economic equity at federal and state hearings.