At Woodstock Institute, our mission is to advance economic justice and racial equity within financial systems through research and advocacy at the local, state, and national levels. Woodstock Institute envisions a society where all people experience economic security and prosperity.

Read article one in our new series on Reframing the Racial Wealth Gap

This is the start of a solutions-focused series designed to reframe homeownership’s role in closing the Black-White wealth gap. The topic of article one is: Homeownership Alone Will Not Close the Racial Wealth Gap: On Income Inequality and Systemic Differences.

Thank you! Comments on implementation of the Illinois CRA are now closed

Thank you to the dozens of organizations that signed onto the IL CRA Coalition letter or submitted their own comment in March to the state of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation regarding proposed rules to govern the implementation of the Illinois Community Reinvestment Act. Want to learn more? Read Woodstock Institute's comment letter or visit the Illinois CRA Coalition home page.


Our March 28 webinar presented findings, plans for the next generation of the Community Lending Fact Book & Data Portal, and highlights from article 1 of our new series on reframing the racial wealth gap, a look at homeownership.In addition to the presentation above, you can also download a PDF of the presentation slides.

In 1973 Sylvia Scheinfeld founded a conference center in Woodstock, Illinois to provide research and education during the movement against “redlining” in Chicago. Today, Woodstock Institute has evolved to become nationally renowned through its research and policy achievements toward economic justice and racial equity.

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Offering Help and Hope Against Predatory Financial Practices

WeProsper is a joint initiative of Woodstock Institute, New America Chicago, and The Chicago Urban League. We offer free educational resources for lawmakers and the public with special focus on communities of color, in English and Spanish. WeProsper also supports efforts to create alternative wealth-building strategies in low-income communities through its research work. Learn more about WeProsper >

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Our materials help educate policymakers and others on initiatives that will increase access to opportunity and close the racial wealth gap in Chicago, in Illinois and nationally. View advocacy

Our reports, fact sheets, and other data covers community reinvestment and redlining, fines and fees, and other financial access issues from 2005 to date. View research

Since 1986 we've analyzed and shared Chicago community loan data, now covering the 7-county metro region. We're also available to provide technical assistance to community organizations and others to use this data for community development. View the Data Portal & Fact Book