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Prevent predatory lending & support reinvestment in Illinois!

Predatory lending has a legacy of stripping wealth from communities of color, and research shows that payday and auto title lenders still disproportionately target Black and Brown neighborhoods in Chicago. Signing the Predatory Loan Prevention Act into law, and therefore protecting the assets of people of color and people experiencing poverty, is a racial and economic justice imperative.

Creating the IL CRA will support the banking, credit, and other financial service needs of low- and moderate-income communities throughout Illinois and can have significant positive impact on the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus’ efforts to promote economic access, equity, and opportunity to stop systemic racism.

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Call Gov. Pritzker at 312-814-2121 and tell him: "Please sign SB 1792, thePredatory Loan Prevention Act." If line is busy, call 312-814-2122.


Lenders and consumer advocates join with elected officials and faith groups to rally behind Black Caucus’ Predatory Loan Prevention bill, urging Governor to sign

A coalition of more than 110 lenders, elected officials, faith leaders and consumer advocates applaud the Illinois Legislature’s passage January 13 of the Predatory Loan Prevention Act as part of the economic equity omnibus bill proposed by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus. On Monday dozens of them wrote Governor Pritzker respectfully urging him to sign the bill to help advance racial and economic justice in Illinois.

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57 groups ask governor to sign Illinois CRA bill

Woodstock Institute, Housing Action Illinois, and 55 other organizations wrote to Gov. Pritzker asking him to support S. 1608, the Black Caucus' bill to create an Illinois Community Reinvestment Act modeled on the federal anti-redlining law that was pioneered in Chicago.

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Woodstock plans two new Fact Books in 2021

Coming in 2021, two new Fact Books: one features 2020 Dodd- Frank Data, the other will aggregate the data from 34 years of Fact Book data to analyze long-term trends.

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Woodstock Institute Staff Statement on Racism Against Black Lives by Police in America and Recent Protests

In the past few days, we bore witness to a country overwhelmed with anger and pain. Our communities are reeling, our hearts are broken.

Today we say to our Black brothers and sisters, we hear you. Black lives matter. Black communities matter. Black futures matter.  

The brutal killing of Black people by police must end – and it must end now. We ask this in the name of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Laquan McDonald, Sandra Bland, and so many other Black lives that were taken at the hands of an officer whose job it was to protect and serve them. We hear community calls for police reform, and we agree: the system must change.

Woodstock Institute was founded in response to racial discrimination. Through our research and policy advocacy in the financial system, we are uniquely aware of how bad policymaking can perpetuate racial discrimination and breed inequity. We see this in the stark reminder of segregated communities throughout the country.

Our staff has taken the past few days to come together. We went to protest, to pass out food in our community, to reach out to our loved ones, to grieve, and to discuss how we can each better address racism in our own lives, in our communities, and in our government.

We will continue to advocate for the end of racist policymaking, be it through unscrupulous financial service providers, discrimination in housing, or unjust fines and fees. We hope you can join us in this fight.

Statement Issued June 3, 2020


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