Over the past few weeks, Woodstock Institute and our advocacy partners hosted events informing Illinois lawmakers from both parties about our 2023-24 policy agenda for protecting consumers and small businesses. 

Advocacy groups joining Woodstock included Citizen Action/Illinois, Legal Action Chicago, Heartland Alliance, Working Credit, Financial Inclusion for All Illinois, Illinois PIRG, NAACP Illinois, New America Chicago, Trellus, and Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI).

Advocates shared the following policy priorities for the upcoming legislative session:

  • Protecting Families in Debt (SB 2220/HB 2377, HB 3452) Presented by Dan Schneider, Legal Action Chicago
  • Protecting Family Futures (SB 2220/HB 2377) Presented by Dan Schneider, Legal Action Chicago
  • Car Insurance Reform (HB2203) Presented by Abe Scarr, IL-PIRG
  • Small Business Loan Transparency (SB 2234/HB 3064) Presented by Brent Adams, Woodstock Institute
  • Credit Repair Reform (SB2135/HB 3461) Presented by Ricki Lowitz, Working Credit

Learn more about these bills by viewing the PowerPoint below.

Additionally, to demonstrate the impact these bills would have on everyday Illinois residents, Meegan Dugan Adell from New America Chicago shared the organization’s work listening to Chicago residents impacted by predatory lending. Other presenters included Horacio Mendez from Woodstock Institute and William McNary from Citizen Action/Illinois.

Thank you to all the legislators and their staffers who took the time to connect with consumer advocates on our legislative priorities. We look forward to working with you all in the upcoming session!