For 25 years, Chicago region community organizations, lenders, banking regulators, and the media have relied on Woodstock’s analysis of local lending patterns to highlight community investment success stories, and show how some communities have been passed over.

On the 25th anniversary of this important resource, more users than ever are turning to our website, localhost/wsi/factbook, to access mortgage lending patterns in Chicago neighborhoods and suburban regions.  The redesigned Online Community Lending Fact Book will continue to deliver crucial information you rely on to better understand neighborhood lending markets and promote sustainable investment in our communities, including data on:

Higher-cost mortgage lending;

Lending by borrower race/ethnicity;

Lending trends; and

Top lenders (all data for Chicago community areas and broader six county region).

The Online Community Lending Fact Book will be faster and easier to search and will quickly produce downloadable, interactive data tables. Users can download these data in HTML and Excel format, offering the flexibility to incorporate these data into grant proposals, community needs analyses, or news stories.

For community-based organizations seeking help collecting or analyzing community investment indicators, Woodstock staff is, as always, available to provide direct technical assistance.

Please email or call Woodstock at 312-368-0310 for more information.