photo above: Sr VP Policy and Communications Brent Adams, 3rd from left and Policy Associate Jane Doyle, far right, participated in Consumer Federation of America’s Consumer Assembly June 15. They and CEO Horacio Mendez also attended NCRC’s Just Economy conference June 13-14.

“Asking about the impact of systemic racism on consumer protection is like asking about the impact of milk on ice cream,” Woodstock Sr VP Policy and Communications Brent Adams said, kicking off the Consumer Federation of America Consumer Assembly morning plenary session June 15. It was CFA’s first conference in person after two years.

Adams was presenting on Illinois’ 36% APR cap and other efforts as part of a panel on How Systemic Racism Impacts Consumer Protection Advocacy. The conversation included leaders from Michigan, New Jersey, and the Washington, DC Office of the Attorney General.

Several days earlier, Adams also spoke about the new Illinois CRA at the National Community Reinvestment Coalition’s (NCRC) first in-person conference since 2019. He presented on “State CRA: Past, Present, & Future” in a panel with groups from Massachusetts, California and New York.

Our team also connected with policymakers and their staff to educate them on trends in fair lending and community economic development, as well as comparing notes with peers from around the country during the conferences.