Now is a good time to discuss what’s next for the Community Reinvestment Act as federal bank regulators review comments on proposed CRA regulatory reform. Join us for a virtual ‘lunch and learn’ on the topic with two experts representing a diversity of thought on the past, present and future of CRA: Calvin Bradford and Warren W. Traiger, hosted by Horacio Mendez.

This lunch and learn continues a series for community leaders and lenders, policy experts and others on the topic of redlining, beginning earlier this year with the (somewhat provocatively titled) Bank / Community Benefits Agreements – Game Changer or Consolation Prize? 

This time around, our expert panel will discuss – point/counter-point style – whether considering race as part of CRA exams would help or harm efforts to increase access to quality banking and lending services.

About the panelists

  • Warren W. Traiger, Senior Counsel at Buckley has played a leading role in formulating the banking industry’s position on CRA modernization, coordinating and preparing the responses of leading national trade associations and several banks to the proposed federal inter-agency rulemaking. More
  • Calvin Bradford is an independent researcher and consultant who worked on the original CRA proposals and legislation. He is a board member of Woodstock Institute.
  • Horacio Mendez is President & CEO of Woodstock Institute and brings experience as a former banker and policymaker as well as advocate to his role. More

We’re grateful to our panelists for agreeing to present the conversation and expect a fast-moving and fascinating hour! Join us by registering at