In today’s world, there is a real need to understand the financial landscape in communities. Financial institutions want to tailor products to reach specific markets. Government agencies want to learn more about where they should allocate resources. And nonprofit organizations want to focus on whom they should serve—and how they can realize their mission.


For over four decades, Woodstock Institute has worked to create a just financial system. Through our applied research, we can work with you to help make sure your programs, products, and policies have the intended impact. We have considerable experience evaluating programs and products, designing and completing applied research, and conducting policy and data analysis. We regularly consult with government agencies, financial institutions, nonprofit organizations, and many others.


At Woodstock Institute, we make the connection between broad policies and financial products and what happens in communities. Our consulting services can help you learn about that connection and apply this knowledge to advance your mission.


Woodstock has considerable experience working with a wide range of data, including mortgage lending, small business lending, and foreclosure data. For example, we can provide customized data reports designed to look at specific foreclosure- or mortgage-related lending patterns as well as market needs for stakeholders in the Chicago area and beyond.


Woodstock’s research work combines our ability to provide relevant data with insightful analysis. Because of Woodstock’s experience in the field and expertise using statistical software and data mapping capabilities, we know what questions to ask. Our research is dynamic and can be adapted to a wide range of projects. Examples of recent projects include conducting a fair lending analysis for a government agency, working with a bank to assess whether one of its product was appropriate for low-income consumers, and evaluating the successes and opportunities for a federal program that facilitates financing for the acquisition of assistive technology for lower-income people with disabilities.

Presentations and Testimony

In many cases, people and organizations with whom we work request a range of other services that we can provide. For example, we craft expert testimony for fair lending cases; make presentations; train organizations on specific issues, such as how to read CRA examinations; and work closely with organizations to build coalitions. Over the years, Woodstock has also provided financial products and practices workshops on how to understand foreclosure problems in communities.

Types of organizations with whom Woodstock Institute consults:

  • Financial institutions
  • Community development organizations
  • Nonprofits
  • Local, state, and federal government agencies
  • Law firms
  • Fair lending and consumer attorneys
For more information about Woodstock Institute consulting services, call 312-368-0310 or email Rob Mayo.