The Community Lending Data Portal presents 2020 home and business lending, foreclosure trends & demographics for Chicago-area communities, counties, and cities.

New: We released our Community Lending Fact Book 2021 Data Edition in March. Read about the latest Fact Book Findings and download the newest edition here. Please also watch this space for a new and improved Community Lending Data Portal experience!  

Questions? View our User Guide. You can also download a PDF, review a September 2022 presentation on the current year data, learn about our community lending research or reach out to Research Associate Natalie Cheng by email or at 312-368-0310 x2027 .

About the Portal

We first started to share local financial health data in our Community Lending Fact Books beginning in 1986.

The data portal continues our mission to analyze and share data on access to loans and financial opportunity in the Chicago area. It offers an added advantage: the portal lets users drill down to your own community area, town, or county. You can also view regional and metro lending information.

For more information including downloadable print versions of the Fact Book, background information and a list of our sponsors, please visit our Community Lending Fact Book page.

If you prefer a printed copy, please contacting Bev Berryhill by email and we will mail you a copy of the current edition (while supplies last).