“We’re pleased to share Secure Choice as an important victory for Illinois workers and a model for other states,” said Dory Rand, president of Woodstock Institute.

Woodstock Institute research from 2012 revealed that about 2.5 million private-sector workers in Illinois did not have access to a retirement plan through their employer. Lower-income workers were most impacted: 60 percent of lower-income workers did not have access to a retirement plan, compared to just 49 percent of higher-income workers.

In order to address this need, Woodstock Institute proposed a Commitment to Action at the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative America in Chicago to give Illinois workers access to an Automatic Individual Retirement Account (IRA) program. Over the course of 18 months, Woodstock and partners across the state worked to advance the Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program. Secure Choice was signed into law in January 2015.

Secure Choice allows Illinois workers to build wealth by providing employment-based access to retirement plans. Workers are automatically enrolled in the program if they work for an employer with 25 or more employees, but can opt out; if they do want to participate, part of their wages are automatically deducted from their paychecks and saved in a Roth IRA account.

State Senator Daniel Biss and State Representative Barbara Flynn Currie championed the proposal, which was supported by Woodstock Institute, Illinois Asset Building Group, the Shriver Center, Heartland Alliance, AARP, SEIU, industry leaders, and business owners from across Illinois.

State legislatures are considering savings programs similar to Secure Choice in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, and other states. News outlets including the New York Times, the Atlantic, and Reuters have cites Secure Choice as a model for ensuring that workers do not retire into poverty.

For more information, please contact Dory Rand at 773-814-0723 or drand@woodstockinst..org or Courtney Eccles at 312-368-0310 or ceccles@woodstockinst.org


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