For almost two years, the CFPB has protected consumers from dangerous financial products and returned millions of dollars to those who were victimized by them. Yet these Senators are willing to leave consumers more vulnerable to predatory products not because they have issues with Cordray, but because of objections to the structure of the agency.

The CFPB’s work is too important to be held up by political grandstanding.

We’ve said it before—a vote against Cordray is a vote for fewer protections for Illinois consumers. Without a confirmed director, the CFPB lacks the authority to regulate some of the worst actors in the financial industry. For families that are just starting to emerge from the recession, now is not the time to leave them more susceptible to predatory financial services.

Join more than 7,000 Illinoisans in telling Sen. Kirk we deserve a strong CFPB and Richard Cordray to lead it. Don't delay: call Sue Sweet in Sen. Mark Kirk's office today and ask Sen. Kirk to let the vote on Director Cordray move forward.

Senator Mark Kirk
(202) 224-2854