I am pleased today to unveil Woodstock Institute’s Aging in Place Typologies Interactive Map. Woodstock’s recent research report, Aging in Place: A Strategic Plan to Support Older Adult Housing Needs in the Chicago Region, broke the seven-county Chicago Region into four clusters, called typologies, based on the their demographic and housing characteristics. Each of the four typologies faces varied aging in place challenges with different possible solutions.

Previously, it was difficult for some users of our report to identify the typology in which their homes were located. Our solution was to produce an online interactive map in which users can punch in an address and immediately find out the typology in which the address lies.

The map is very simple to use:

  1. Go to localhost/wsi/aging-place-typologies/
  2. Click on the search bar in the upper-right corner.
  3. Type in an address and press Enter.
  4. The color of the address corresponds to an Aging in Place typology as defined in Woodstock’s Aging in Place report. You can expand the legend to view which color stands for which typology by clicking on the double arrows in the upper-left corner.

From there, users can compare the typology of the address to the table on page 32 of the Aging in Place report to see at a glance the issues residents are facing in that typology and the relevant policies and strategies Woodstock recommends to promote aging in place there.