Many people are familiar with only one aspect of Woodstock Institute’s work. For example, housing advocates may know us best for our foreclosure and mortgage lending research and housing data. Policymakers presented with one of our reports or fact sheets about predatory lending might narrowly think of us as a consumer protection group. Bankers familiar with our work to enforce and strengthen the Community Reinvestment Act and ensure access to safe, affordable financial products and services may know little of the myriad other research and policy projects that comprise our daily work.


To help folks better understand the scope of our work and the strategies we employ to accomplish our mission, we’ve created Theory of Change, a series of images unpacking Woodstock’s strategies across our focus areas including equitable lending and investments, wealth creation and preservation, and access to safe and affordable financial products and services. With this first image, we hope to provide a graphic overview of our multi-faceted approach. For any given goal, we follow this process: creating detailed applied research; building coalitions through peer and community outreach; engaging in effective policy advocacy; and—finally—reaching the stage of implementation and impact as our work yields incremental systems change.   


So please view our image, consider downloading it in its full resolution, and check back for more in the Theory of Change series.