When submitting a complaint, consumers have the option to share their experiences (good or bad) with consumer financial products or services such as mortgages, bank accounts, overdraft, credit cards and deferred interest and reward programs, prepaid and campus cards, payday and installment loans, bank deposit advance products, forced arbitration and prohibition of class actions, remittances, credit reporting agencies, debt collections, student loans, auto loans, and auto title loans. Let the CFPB know what challenges you are facing.


To submit a complaint, consumers can:

  • Go online at www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/
  • Call the toll-free phone number at 1-855-411-CFPB (2372) or TTY/TDD phone number at 1-855-729-CFPB (2372)
  • Fax the CFPB at 1-855-237-2392
  • Mail a letter to: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, P.O. Box 4503, Iowa City, Iowa 52244
  • Additionally, through “Ask CFPB,” consumers can get clear, unbiased answers to their questions at Ask CFPB.

By submitting complaints, consumers can make their voices heard by CFPB and financial institutions, get help with their own issues, and help others avoid similar ones. Although the CFPB cannot help resolve every complaint it receives, the complaints provide insight into problems that consumers are experiencing and help the CFPB to identify and stop unfair and illegal practices.


For individual-level complaint data and to read about consumers’ experiences, go to the Consumer Complaint Database. You can also review CFPB’s Monthly Complaint Report, which provides a high-level snapshot of trends in consumer complaints.