When we discredit JRW we discredit Little League Baseball in the United States. It has been alleged that some members of JRW baseball team did not live within the boundaries prescribed for their team and therefore the JRW Team should have their Great Lake Regional title, and United States Title taken away from them. This treatment of this championship team does not fit the charges. This is too harsh, assuming the worst scenario if this was the case of doctoring birth certificates or age manipulation which affects of the outcomes of games, that would be understandable.

In this instance the children have done nothing wrong. If this was the pros if a player engages in performance enhancing drugs, corked bats, of if this was a football team that used deflated footballs, the punishment is not forfeiting the games, it rest on the individual player. These children are innocent. The treatment of this championship team does not fit the charges.

We must view the recent ruling by the Little League International to strip JRW of its championship title earned in August of 2014 based on an alleged violation of the “boundary rule” within the context of Chicago’s changing boundaries:

The impact of poverty on African American families is most evident in the neighborhood where the JRW team members live. One of the JRW players did not have a home and was homeless, therefore since he had no permanent home, what would be his boundary.

We have witnessed the tearing down of public housing and scattering people throughout the Southside. These same communities have faced racially targeted foreclosures of private housing.

Chicago banks and mortgage companies engaged in racially targeted home foreclosures according to data presented by the Woodstock Institute.

CPS closed 50 public schools in black and brown communities.

City of Chicago redrew ward and state legislative political boundaries. The issue of boundaries however leaves too much to interpretation and discretion. According to the Little League Website:

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