Outside the cost of extra upkeep, there are plenty of instances of a “woman’s tax” in an age of supposed gender equality.

When it comes to buying a plain, white T-shirt, women will pay 77 percent more when shopping in the ladies sections.

KOMU 8 News took a look at personal products and compared prices for versions marketed towards women versus the men’s version of the same brand.

Here’s what we found:

  • Soap: Products specifically for women cost 12 percent more.
  • Razors: Five-blade Gillette razors are 14 percent more for the pretty, purple version.
  • Refill blades: The same trend holds true for refill blades. Women’s refill blades cost 11 percent more than men’s refill blades.
  • Shaving cream: Women pay 54 percent more for shaving cream with purple packaging.
  • Body wash: Women’s body wash by the same manufacturer costs 34 percent more than men’s body wash.

The price difference on relatively inexpensive items is generally accepted. However, there are parts of everyday “lady-life” that can add up faster and certainly may cause more concern.

On average, women pay $200 more for a car than a man does for the exact same make and model. Initial price quotes by dealership employees are also higher if a woman is doing the negotiating.

A study a conducted by The Woodstock Institute compared mortgage and refinance applications. Joint applications with a woman’s name listed first were almost 25 percent more likely to be declined compared to the exact same application with a man’s name listed first.

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