Many of you added your organization’s name to an April sign-on letter or put in calls to Sen. Kirk’s office in May, and more than 7,000 Illinoisanssigned a petition asking Sen. Kirk to confirm Cordray. Despite this public support, Senator Kirk voted against Cordray’s nomination in the Senate Banking Committee and signed a letter vowing to filibuster Cordray unless the CFPB is substantially weakened. 

We need to let Senator Kirk know that Illinoisans will not stand by as he votes against a fair playing field for consumers.

 It is very likely that the confirmation vote will take place after the fourth of July recess—so we have one week to let Sen. Kirk know how important his vote is. We plan to send another letter, just from Illinois groups, reminding Kirk that a vote against Cordray is a vote against Illinois consumers. Please sign on to the letter by emailingceccles@woodstockinst.org by 10:00 a.m. Monday July 8th.
The CFPB’s work is too important to be held up by partisan bickering. Illinois consumers are still recovering from the financial and housing crises and the work of the CFPB over the last two years has greatly aided our recovery. It is imperative that we let Sen. Kirk know how much we all value the work of the CFPB and want it to continue at full capacity.
We appreciate your continued dedication to making sure that the CFPB has a strong leader at the helm.
Please email or call me at 312-268-0310 to add your organization’s name.