By Eric Smith
October 7, 2009

Real estate information company Chandler Reports has launched a
series of new reports that tap into the latest residential and
commercial real estate trends.

The reports, available at,
were developed to inform local real estate professionals, investors,
developers and financial institutions about all things real estate in
Shelby County, whether sales, starts or foreclosures.

The new
features track a host of Shelby County data, ranging from residential
to commercial market conditions to detailed foreclosure analysis to new
housing inventory.

The residential market condition reports
include residential sales by ZIP code, which can be broken down into
bank vs. non-bank home sales and new vs. existing home sales.

commercial market condition reports include commercial foreclosures by
ZIP code, commercial sales by property type and commercial sales by ZIP
code (bank vs. non-bank).

Detailed foreclosure analysis gives
subscribers access to commercial foreclosures by ZIP, residential
foreclosures and residential foreclosure notices by ZIP. It also
includes the top 25 residential foreclosure inventory holders, the top
25 residential property sellers and the top 25 residential ZIP codes
with foreclosure inventory.

As for the residential new housing
inventory analysis, those reports track everything from new home sales
to top builders, top subdivisions and top ZIP codes for new home

Each category has quarterly and monthly results, giving users a broad range from which to pull data.

new feature is the Shelby County foreclosure effect report, which gives
subscribers – and users of Chandler Reports’ tax appeal kit – the
ability to research the potential monetary effect nearby foreclosures
(within a quarter-mile during a two-year period) have had on a
particular property.

This report, derived from a study conducted
by the Chicago-based research organization Woodstock Institute, is
beneficial for anyone trying to determine the fair market value of a

Chandler Reports has been publishing real estate market data for the Memphis and Shelby County area since 1968.

company was founded by K. William “Bill” Chandler, who also created
real estate appraisal company Chandler & Chandler. A
third-generation real estate professional, Bill Chandler
– who died in September 2008 – and his brother, Charles, for many years
ran Chandler & Chandler, the family owned appraisal business that
dates back to 1913.

Bill Chandler sold Chandler Reports in 1997 to his daughter, Garner, who in 2004 sold the business to The Daily News Publishing Co. Inc. at 193 Jefferson Ave.

2007, Chandler Reports launched RegionPlus, which includes exhaustive
property research for Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga and all of
Tennessee’s 95 counties plus DeSoto County in Mississippi.

Reports recently enhanced its subscription plan by allowing users to
access the site from any computer with a single user license.
Previously, users could access the system through a single computer
they had to register, and using more than one computer meant buying
more than one license.

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