The STABLE Project, which includes HUD-certified counseling agency Nobel Neighbors, Partners in Community Building (PICB), Westside Ministers Coalition Community Development Corporation (WMCDC) and the Monroe Foundation, will proactively identify homeowners at risk of foreclosure, help them participate in the Citibank Homeowner Assistance Program and provide sustained housing counseling to help homeowners through the process. The Homeowner Assistance Program offers financial assistance to borrowers who are still current on their mortgages but are at risk of defaulting and targets areas of high economic distress.

The neighborhoods targeted by the STABLE Project include Washington Park, Englewood/West Englewood, Austin, Humboldt Park, Kenwood/Oakland, Roseland, West Pullman, and Chicago Lawn.

The STABLE Project and Citibank will host a borrower outreach event for homeowners with a Citibank mortgage at risk of foreclosure on Saturday, May 1 from 12pm to 3pm at Chicago Police Department Headquarters, 3510 S Michigan. For more information, contact Otis Monroe at the Monroe Foundation at 773-315-9720.