These maps offer neighbors, local non-profits, and policymakers the ability to get an up-to-date picture of how foreclosures are affecting their communities.

EveryBlock offers an unprecedented granularity and depth of local news in Chicago and 10 other cities. The site, which launched in Chicago in January, lets viewers access relevant news articles, blog coverage, crime reports and a wide variety of other local information, updated throughout the day, for any address in the city.

"The foreclosure data from Woodstock Institute is a meaningful, useful addition to," said EveryBlock founder Adrian Holovaty. "Reading about the mortgage crisis in the news is one thing, but seeing the foreclosures in your immediate neighborhood brings the story much closer to home."

“EveryBlock’s ability to turn real news about local foreclosures and lender-owned, vacant properties into a visual resource for communities brings our work to life,” said Woodstock Institute vice president Geoff Smith.

Woodstock Institute is a leader in foreclosure data and policy analysis, and author of several recent reports on foreclosure patterns and the concentration of lender-owned, largely vacant properties in the Chicago region.