Keep an eye on emerging trends. Hear insight about the latest opportunities and risks to economic security from top regulators, researchers, and financial industry representatives—like Deputy Director Steve Antonakes of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Julia Stasch of the MacArthur Foundation, and UCLA’s Fernando Torres-Gil.
Inform your work with cutting-edge research. Become a more effective change agent by incorporating the latest findings about cross-cutting financial issues into your work, from the growing student debt crisis to the future of homeownership to the impacts of retirement insecurity.
Collaborate with national leaders. You’ll have an opportunity to fortify existing partnerships and embark on new collaborations with thought leaders and decision-makers from across the country.
Celebrate our achievements. The movement that gave birth to Woodstock Institute launched numerous campaigns that changed the face of the country over the past 40 years. Relive the history that brought us to where we are today with members of Chicago’s social justice vanguard.  Join us as we celebrate the presentation of the inaugural Scheinfeld Award to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan with drinks, food, and live music from Funkadesi.
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