With all the challenges organizations face these days, thriving for 40 years as an organization is in itself a great accomplishment. But we have so much more than that to celebrate:

Our History – As ambitious as they were, when Aaron and Sylvia Scheinfeld started the Woodstock Center and later Woodstock Institute, they likely couldn’t have imagined the impact their vision would have. Staff, board members, and other leaders from every era of Woodstock’s history will be on hand to reminisce, catch up, and celebrate. We’ll also premiere a video featuring interviews with some of Woodstock’s staff and partners over the last 40 years at the event’s bash!

Our Impact – The untold number of low-income families and communities of color impacted by Woodstock’s successes—from prohibiting redlining and passing the Community Reinvestment Act in the 1970s to passing payday lending regulations and vacant buildings ordinances in the 1990s and 2000s—is a testament to the Scheinfeld’s original vision. Credit is easier to access, blatant redlining is a thing of the past, and financial products are safer. We’re not done yet – but there’s plenty to celebrate.

Our Partners – Victories in our line of work are almost always the result of a collaborative effort. Over the years, Woodstock has had the privilege of working with some of the best community organizations, foundations, policymakers, researchers, and reporters in the country. Our partners will be converging on Chicago on October 2-3 to celebrate all we’ve accomplished together.

In addition to celebrating, there will be many learning opportunities throughout the event, with a superb lineup of keynote speakers and breakout sessions. Don’t miss your chance to hear from the field's cutting-edge researchers, thought leaders, and industry experts. Register now.