Women's rights have come a long way in the past 100 years, but the disparity between men and women is still a hot topic. 

There are plenty of studies out there showing the differences in wages between men and women, but what about other costs? 

An investigative report conducted more than 20 years ago showed that consumer products and services can often cost more for female customers. 

One example is hair care. News10 contacted 10 hair salons in Sacramento, and in most cases, women's haircuts cost $10 to $20 more than men's. 

Hairstylist Susan Norris said she believes there should be a price difference between men and women's haircuts. Norris, who has been cutting hair for 35 years, said it takes more time with her women clients, so she charges more. 

"Because when I'm cutting a woman's hair and taking a lot longer time and putting more detail into it, I'm going to charge for my time," Norris said.



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