They decided to create a conference center in Woodstock, Illinois, where community leaders could meet and tackle these issues together. When the need to take action became apparent in 1973, the Woodstock Institute was born.

Forty years later, it’s undeniable that with their vision and the help of many partners, Woodstock Institute has made significant progress toward achieving a financial system in which lower-wealth persons and communities of color can achieve economic security and community prosperity.

To celebrate this success, Woodstock Institute is hosting a research symposium and bashBabies, Boomers, & Beyond: Economic Security, Community Prosperity, & Equity Across the Lifespan.

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The event, which will be held October 2 & 3 in Chicago, will serve as a catalyst for action and a forum for discussion, using applied research with local and national implications to spur conversations and collaborations as well as fortify existing partnerships. On the evening of October 2, we’ll also be hosting a bash featuring dancing, local food, drinks, and music from world famous bandFunkadesi.

You can find out more about the keynote speakers, moderators, industry respondents, location, and much more at the event web page.