Credit Union Times
August 3, 2005

The  story on the difference between credit cards issued by banks
and those issued by credit unions was a clear exposition of the
Woodstock Institute study on this subject.

Terms and conditions are much clearer and hence fairer for cards issued
by credit unions.  But the article headline `Finally Sees Good in
CUs: Longtime CU critic Woodstock Institute Finds CU Card Practices
Better Than Banks`puzzled us.  Your readers might not be aware
that from its inception in 1973 to the present Woodstock Institute has
been involved in the birth and development of credit unions. The reason
the Institute is concerned that regular credit unions work more
effectively to recruit members from lower- and moderate-income
households is precisely because credit unions offer members a good

In our experience they offer members a better deal than banks not only
in their credit card products but also in their share and share draft
accounts and their emphasis on financial education.  We want the
whole community to participate in these benefits. 

Malcolm Bush
Woodstock Institute
Chicago, Ill.

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