If you’re a black woman looking for to refinance your home, the forces of discrimination are working against you. If you’re a white man, you’ll probably have an easier go of it.

According to a new study from the Woodstock Institute, banks discriminate on the basis of both gender and race when they make decisions about which loans they’ll approve. That goes for both mortgage applications and refinancing loans, and it’s worst for African American women:

Female-headed joint applications are much less likely to be originated than are male-headed joint applications. Controlling for the loan-to-income ratio, female-headed joint applications overall were 24 percent less likely to have purchase mortgages originated, and 39 percent less likely to have refinance mortgages originated, than were male-headed joint applications. The disparities were maintained across all racial categories. The largest disparity is for African American female-headed joint applications for purchase, which were 34 percent less likely to be originated than were African American male-headed joint applications, and refinance applications, which were 44 percent less likely to be originated.


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