All right, people are buying new houses and bidding on old ones, housing prices are up and everybody can start pursuing the American dream again.

Just not you, ladies. Lenders will tell you when it’s your turn.

A new study by Chicago nonprofit The Woodstock Institute found that women who applied for a mortgage loan were 24% less likely to get one than their male counterparts. When women tried to refinance an existing mortgage, lenders were 39% less likely to approve them than they were to approve men making the same request.

The study pulls from a very specific sample in the Chicago area and even those conducting it suggest there may be larger issues at play. For example, 77% of female mortgage applicants for purchase mortgages had no co-applicant versus only 52% of male applicants. Similarly, 71% percent of female applicants for refinanced mortgages went solo while only 32% of male applicants did the same.

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