This past year we saw constructive action result from the national outrage at George Floyd’s murder in 2020 including a hopeful response in Illinois and Chicago with passage of the Predatory Loan Prevention Act, Illinois CRA and Chicago’s Lending Equity Ordinance. But there’s much more to do.

Looking back at four decades of analysis from our Community Lending Fact Books showed heartbreakingly little change despite well-intentioned efforts. That was the genesis of our ambition to “Change the Map”—the focus of the June 2021 virtual gathering where we shared our findings.

Our ambition to change the map will inform Woodstock Institute’s vision and programmatic work over the next several years: we will continue to conduct the research Chicago relies on Woodstock Institute to create — and we will do more to share actionable insights from our data that help drive meaningful change.

As you read this, 2023 is right around the corner—the year of Woodstock Institute’s 50th anniversary of advocating for economic equity and racial justice. Expect a strong focus on our history, an ambitious vision for our next 50 years, and one hell of a party.

Finally – but most importantly – I want to express appreciation for your role and leadership in helping us to continue to do this work. Thank you!

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